ILLUMINATE Your Body from Within

What is Easy123?

It is Phytonutrient Essence Beverage designed for current lifestyle to achieve health benefits 3 Functions: Detox, Restore and Rejuvenate Easy123 is power-packed with natural ingredients that contain 20 types of essential nutrients that human body needs including minerals, vitamins, fibres, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and high antioxidants. Each Sachet delivers more than 10Kg fruits and vegetables’ equivalent of nutrition such as 500mg Vitamin C from Natural Fruits!

Why choose Lumi 22?

Your skin is sensitive to air pollution, sun, stress, and many other things you are not in control of. We are here to help you win this battle for glorious skin. The Most Effective Antioxidants are produced Endogenously. Combining Primary & Secondary Antioxidants for achieving FIRMER, YOUNGER & GLOWING Skin. But here’s the secret, a healthy liver has always been the key to glowing skin! LUMI22 Supreme Essence boosts of a unique super formulation that restores liver health, e.g. Milk Thistle extracts. A strong liver produces more Glutathione in our body, which is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants to neutralise oxidative stress and free radicals.

Even better with Subscription

Take care of your skin, and we will make sure that your care is permanent. Choose a suitable subscription plan and we will deliver your toner monthly or quarterly depending on your choice. You’ll also be the first to receive test samples of our new products when you sign up for an annual subscription, absolutely free of charge.
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